The Birth of BeARcade Music Productions

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May 28, 2018
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The Birth of BeARcade Music Productions

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Lots of people ask how BeARcade Music Productions got the quirky name.  Well, I’m going to tell you.  When I was younger, a FEW years ago, I was living in western Massachusetts and loved to ride my motorcyle, shoot pool and play pinball.  That should establish my credentials as an elder statesman right there.  I rode a Norton 850 Commando, a lovely black, English racing machine, with polished and ported heads, i.e., very fast.  My riding friends all called me Bear because I was a big, burly guy with long hair and a long reddish-brown beard.  An artist friend of mine, Linda Paul, painted a grizzly bear that covered the whole top of my gas tank.  She admitted to me after the fact that she secretly put a smile on the bear’s snout because she had never seen me without a smile.

Based on all of this old life history, and my initial logo statement for the company, “Music Just For The Fun Of It”, I decided to have fun with the company name (no marketing people were consulted for this dubious decision).    I took “BeAR” from the biker days and “ARcade” from the pool and pinball and viola – BeARcade Music Productions (BMP) was born.  Long story – simple situation – music should be for the fun of it and we here at BMP try to live by that mantra.  Whether we are performing, recording or making someone else loud, we do it to the best of our ability and have fun at the same time.  If you are not enjoying yourself it will show up in your work and that is never acceptable.

Greetings to all from – BeARcade Music Productions.

Stop by soon to see the actual construction of the recording studio (Cross Keys Studio and woodshop) that serves as the center and heartbeat of BMP.

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