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BeARcade Music and The Highlander String Band on the move!!
February 27, 2018
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April 12, 2018
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Strings and Things

The new estore is finally fully functional, offering everything from CDs to strings & things.  We still have more merchandise to add but you can get a great idea of what is there.  The most important section of the store are the cds made right here in the studio.  This is the ultimate buy local option as the players record, then mix, master and often manufacture right here at the Cross Keys studio.  We hope to have all of our artists up on the page eventually.  We’ll be featuring information about each one of them here in the near future so stop back to check out the whole catalog!

Our newest addition is an offering from ROOT2 MUSIC.   ROOT2 MUSIC is the musical intersection of Deep South country blues and Celtic/Appalachian fiddle music. David Frank (guitar, harmonica, vocals) and Nancy Reid (fiddle, vocals) perform traditional and original blues with a distinctive Appalachian flavor.

These two neighbors from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia formed a musical partnership that blends down home slide and traditional fiddle. David and Nancy hear the commonalities within the two roots of their music. They deliver haunting, lively and original blues in Root2 Music. Nancy’s husband, Lon Reid, joins the duo on stand-up bass.

Check out this delightful offering and other at the  cds from Cross Keys Studio  webpage.  Info from the players available at the Root2 Music website.

More info to follow soon!!


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