Don’t Take A Daisy Down The Mine

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Don’t Take A Daisy Down The Mine

I had the great pleasure of talking with Alex Caton at a recent show at The Southern.  She told me about the project she is working on that combines her antropology background with her love of family and music.  Check out the info below and please consider supporting her kickstarter campaign to get this wonderful project off and running.

Thanks for reading and considering this!

Local old time musician Alex Caton has a new music project, Never Take A Daisy Down the Mine, that she would like to share with folks. It’s a selection of songs, poems and tunes from North Staffordshire, England to the Southern United States. Collected by family members in England and set to the sounds of Appalachian music traditions.  These pieces honor Alex Caton’s personal family history as well as the vanishing miners and communities who inspired the music.

Alex recently launched a Kickstarter page to raise funds to make the album and would be so grateful for folks to check out the site, see the fabulous video that a musician/ documentary film maker friend made (where you can also see and hear our very own Dick Harrington sing!), and consider donating to make this album.  There are great incentives and gifts for every pledge level.  Alex will donate finished copies of the CD  to the Apedale Heritage Centre in England (where Alex’s family worked as miners and now as volunteers for the museum), so they can raise funds for their own organization.  We have only until April 17th left to meet our Kickstarter goal.  See link below or just go to and search for Alex Caton.

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Here’s also a link to the Apedale Heritage Centre in England and their press about the album.

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